Q1:  Why get a photo booth for your party?

A: Well it is the new hot trend in entertainment and memorabilia, the new age digital fun. I’ts fun, smiles, laughter, dressing up or just look FUNNY  and you get photo proof of all the above.

Q2:  How many photos can we take?

A:  Unlimited photos! To be precise our photobooths take four photos per session(8 seconds apart per session). We can do about 50 sessions an hour, after each session the four photos are printed out on a 4×6 Post Card photo paper. So the booth takes a total of around 200 photos per hour.

Q3:  What needs to be supplied by yourself(the customer)

A:  Power outlet,  floor space of 2.5m x 1.5m and let’s party!

Q4: Do the prints come out in colour or black and white?

A: Your choice, colour or black and white.

Q5: And the quality of the photos on the DVD?

A: High-Resolution photos, on the DVD you get 2 folders, the one folder contains the photos in “photo strip” form ( as it was printed for your guests) and the other folder contains each separate photo.

Q6:  What is your deposit?

A:  A deposit of 50% is required to reserve your PhotoBooth. The rest paid in full 7 days before event. Book now to avoid dissapointment.

Q7: How long does it take for photo’s to be postet on the Internet

A: Two to three days after your event

Q8:  Can we choose the color of the background? can we choose our own background?

A: Yes. Our default background is white/blue, but we also offer backgrounds in red, blue, pink, gray, purple and green. If you wish to use your own background make sure it is at least 1.5m wide and 2m long.

Q9: What is idle time?

A: This is when you would like the booth to be operational from 17h00-20h00 but want the booth set up by 15h00 inside the venue before your guest arrive(15h00-17hoo would then be considered “idle time”). The booth can be setup at your pre- requested time and we only charge you R350 per hour “idling time”.

How it works!!

Add some FUN to any PARTY, making it a MEMORABLE event!!

  • First dressing up with props(wigs, glasses, hats, feathers etc)
  • Entering the booth, bench and background on one side and camera, studio lights and LCD screen will be on the other.
  • Upon entering the booth, the curtain is closed for privacy.
  • As you position yourself on the bench, a series of instructions will be displayed on the LCD screen, along with a labeled illuminated start button.
  • Pressing the start button will activate the photo booth session, 4 photos 5 seconds apart.
  • After final shot is taken, the message will be displayed “All done wait while your photos are printed.
  • Once you exit the photo booth, the next guest’s can enter for the next session
  • The entire print process takes 50 seconds!
  • Prints comes out completely dry and ready to view and share with others.

Contact info@funphotobooths.co.za for a free Quote!

Some of our clients:

 Millers, Londolozi, Stanlib, ABI, Comztek, Cozens, Mutual & Federal, TIC, Nando’s, Travelport, Qatar, Pinstripe, Aqua-Online, Prima Toys, Life Fourways Hospital, Heneways, CQS, Golder Associates, Nedbank, TALK2US, Wastegiant, Werksmans, Simba, Air Products, MLC, NGK, AFST, PKF, Motswako, Swiss RE, Church Alive, Virgin Atlantic, Ulsanic, FireandiceMA, Summit College, Clere Active, Bidvest, Ooba, Cozens, Digby Wells, SASOCP, Bedfordview Primary, Hollard, KPMG, Radisson Blu.